Famous paintings

Famous paintings of the Renaissance.

The Last Supper is the most prominent paintings of Leonardo da Vinci from a collection of his 30 plus pieces of art work. The painting depicts terror on the faces of the twelve men whom Christ had gathered. He had called them to tell them that one among the 12 people was to deceive him before the sun rises. This is a huge painting of 15x29 feet. This painting covers the entire wall of the dinning hall of a convent in Milan. His second famous painting was Mona Lisa.

The Starry Night is another fantastic painting of Vincent Van Gogh. He created this painting when he was in a psychiatric center in France. During his convalesce period after his mental problems he produced this remarkable painting. When he recovered completely he moved to Arles. Here he hoped that he would find an art colony. It is here, at Arles that he painted his other paintings which are a bunch of sunflowers. But unfortunately none of his art work was ever cherished till he was alive. His life was full of insufficiency, misery and dejection and he ended his life when he could not take any more of his worries.

Pablo Ruiz Picasso has some famous paintings to his credit. He is a Spanish artist and was famous during the 20th century. His famous painting is Germany bombing Guernica. This happened during the Spanish civil war. The piece of art work has caught the cruelty, heartlessness and utter despair of war, in his characteristic cubistic style.

Madonnas and large figure paintings of Raffaello Sanzio is very famous. He was a master painter and an arthitect of the Renaissance period. His art had clarity in it and so his work was admired by all. His paintings were a piece of fantastic art work and it was known for its optical accomplishment of the Neoplatonic model of human splendor. Subject of Raphael's other paintings were living things.

The resurgence in the North elucidated around the vivid imagination and reality of Dürer's painting. Many other painters took to landscape painting and portraiture. They had exact realism in the areas of landscape painting.

The renaissance paintings showed reality. The biblical images in the paintings are set in geometrical groups and the settings are generally washings of gold. The paintings appear as if they are pictures taken of the lifelike world. The artists used light and shadow which gave realism to their painting.

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